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Social justice must be at heart of climate change planning

TCPA Chief Planner, Dr Hugh Ellis said: "If we collectively fail to deal with climate change it will represent the most profound betrayal of future generations. The floods in Cockermouth illustrate the social and economic impacts of this urgent threat, particularly on the most vulnerable in our society. Planning can, and must, address the critical need to reshape our society and economy into a positive low carbon future before it is too late.”

TCPA Chief Executive Gideon Amos OBE said: "In the week before the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, our vision for the future must respond to the crises of climate; the diversity of our communities, and demography of a population which is increasing, and in the UK, is also ageing.

"This means tackling climate impacts for those who need help most. It means re-engineering our cities and their energy and carbon infrastructure; a public transport system which supports our form and pattern of development; the intelligent use of materials and resources and, crucially, a new greening of urban areas."

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0 thoughts on “Social justice must be at heart of climate change planning

  1. Major Landlord says:

    I could not agree more. But is it not time somebody tackled government about the crazy over-development of the south east, and particularly the London Boroughs?

    While there are entire empty streets in the north, the government continues to set crazy targets for new home development in the south, forcing councils to encourage garden-grabbing and infill development. Our infrastructure – schools, roads, public transport, water supplies and drainage – already cannot cope with any more population.

    The only body that can influence the better balance of population is the government, and as usual they are going in precisely the wrong direction.

    The continuation of current policies will create an environmental nightmare of mass regional unemployment, social deprivation, benefit dependance, overcrowding, flooding and water shortages. It is time our goverment did what we pay them to do. the TCPA should and could be a force for good. Where is their voice on this hugely important matter?