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British Gas signs on to 10:10

Catherine May, Centrica’s director of corporate affairs, who was at the national launch on Tuesday, said: "We support the 10:10 campaign and commit to doing everything we can to help our customers make their 10% cut. We hope they will use tools such as our Energy Savers Reports to get them on their way."

10:10, supported by the Guardian and Sun newspapers, was started by documentary maker Franny Armstrong, who produced ‘Age of Stupid’, a drama-documentary featuring actor Peter Postlethwaite as an old man living in a devastated world of 2055 asking why people didn’t do something to stop climate change.

Franny said: "The 10:10 campaign is our opportunity to make the first move and get on with solving the problem of climate change. As well as being achievable for the vast majority of the population, 10% in one year is the kind of cut the science tells us we need."

Centrica launched its own carbon-cutting campaign this week – a 100-day drive to reduce carbon emissions in UK offices. A similar campaign last year helped us to achieve a year-on-year decrease in UK office energy consumption of 7.23%.

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