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Solar power set to become profitable long-term investment

A typical solar PV system for a household costs around £10,000 to install with a grant and the £1000 a year generated in income and savings earns an investor the equivalent of 10% pa.

Unlike other long-term savings and pensions investments found on the high street, the income from PV is not subject to recessionary fluctuations, is guaranteed for up to 25 years and tax-free.

Mike Green, a solar home owner from Peterborough said: "Initially we made the move to solar because it was the right thing environmentally, but it now makes great financial sense.

"My family will receive a guaranteed income from our roof for 25 years through the clean energy cash back scheme – not something every household can say! I can now just sit back, watch everyone else worry about their energy bills and look forward to having my house valued."

Derry Newman, CEO of Solarcentury said: "The returns from traditional financial investments have slowed and according to the Bank of England’s report last week, low interest rates could be with us for some time.

"Generating electricity from solar PV has become a great investment so putting your money on your roof makes sense for your pocket as well as the environment."

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