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‘Good’ waste and recycling principles to be unveiled

The principles will be presented to councils in the form of a Voluntary Service Commitment later this month and are based around five themes:

– Frequency, reliability, regularity and consistency
– A commitment to recycling
– Clean streets
– Sensitivity to circumstance
– Customer service

They are intended to offer councils flexibility in service design while not being so general that they become meaningless to householders.

Writing in an update for the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers, WRAP explained: "A set of principles have been drafted centred on five key themes that emerged from consumer research and comments have been received from LARAC and the LGA.

"The Voluntary Service Commitment, key findings from consumer research and guidance on complying with the commitment are to be made available to early adopters in late July. A wider launch will be in the autumn," it added.

Survey Results

In a telephone survey of 2,000 adults, WRAP found that 23% of people immediately identified frequency as the most important element of collections, compared to 20% who said that reliability was very important, the number of materials collected was also important. Other factors, including service efficiency featured less prominently.

Just under 60% of respondents said they were satisfied with the number of materials collected for recycling: significantly lower than overall levels of satisfaction and service provision.

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