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Environment important as location as key home factor

"People now increasingly understand that almost all new homes are built to the latest mainstream environmental standards and are vastly more energy-efficient, and therefore generally much cheaper to run, than second-hand homes," said David Pretty CBE, Chairman of the New Homes Marketing Board (NHMB).

"In fact, just last year the National Energy Service confirmed that new homes are already 60% more efficient than older ones, and are improving all the time as we move towards zero-carbon over the next few years.

"This survey shows that this is exactly what people want and expect from a new home. We have been saying for some years that new homes are already ‘green’ homes – certainly the greenest that you can go out and buy from the open market at any one time. That message is getting through more strongly than ever."

The NHMB’s YouGov survey asked respondents to select features they considered most important if they were buying a newly-built home. At 41% the category combining energy efficiency and high environmental standards was the third most important attribute chosen.

The highest, at 53%, was provision of a garden or outdoor space, and second (47%) was a garage or private off-street parking.

Other high-scoring categories were overall value-for-money (33%) and the fully-fitted contemporary kitchens and bathrooms that invariably come as standard in new homes (31%).

Respondents also liked the fact that new homebuilders often provided financial incentives such as help with deposits and Stamp Duty (19%) and build in convenient locations (16%).

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