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Commercial property owners warning on squatters

Cluttons is concerned that this legislation is too narrow, as it only applies to residential buildings which have been "designed or adapted, before the time of entry, for use as a place to live" and commercial properties are still very much at threat.
There is also concern that this previous civil issue will not be prioritised in criminal courts, and without the serious threat of imprisonment or financial penalty, it will not be taken seriously.
Julian Briant, head of residential consultancy division, Cluttons, commented: "Owners of empty commercial buildings need to be particularly careful as squatters start to search around for a new place to live. Sheds, office blocks, retail units and industrial buildings will all become fair game for squatters for whom the risk of ‘getting’ on to their particular residential property ladder is too great."

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0 thoughts on “Commercial property owners warning on squatters

  1. There are over a million homeless and at least 100,000 residential places empty. Are there details on the number of commercial building empty for at least six months?

    The building owners should be charged the full rate of tax and business rates for leaving them empty.

    The building in Sun Street that was Occupied for a few months was left empty for years and UBS paid £5 in business rates to Hackney for a £55 million building.

    If someone is profiting from that scenario. it is not the British taxpayer.

  2. ian piston says: