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Regus unveils the workspace of the future

Small and medium sized businesses will provide the springboard to recovery and Regus is setting a fantastic example to which other businesses should aspire."

Mark Dixon, Global CEO of Regus said: “We are redefining the world of work, offering business of all sizes flexible, innovative and inspiring locations in which to meet, work and collaborate. In response to rising demand from these organisations we are augmenting and expanding our existing business lounge network around the globe, as we look to better enable the workers of today and tomorrow."

The trend to more flexible ways of working has been well documented; one in three of the UK’s working population now work from home. By 2010 it is predicted that we will spend 95% of our working day alone, in a different location and on a different schedule to colleagues. Since the beginning of this year Regus has seen a three fold increase in demand for its flexible working solutions as businesses look to lower costs and empower their workforce.

Regus has responded to these paradigm shifts by reviewing the facilities including office space, meeting rooms and at its 1,000 business centres around the globe thereby ensuring it is providing the right environment to support this growing band of footloose, 24×7 workers. The Berkeley Square facility, designed by architects Barr Gazetas, challenges pre-conceived ideas about such traditional business venues and has a deliberate boutique hotel feel.

The centre is a resource every professional can easily and cost effectively access. It has been designed to cater for businesses of all types and sizes; from the CEO of the largest global corporate to the entrepreneur with a great idea
focussed on making it big. From visionary architecture to the latest technology, it’s something London and the UK should be proud of.

It is also home to a spectacular art commission by the award-winning London based artist collective rAndom and curated by Artwise Curators. The work titled Mirrors is a two sided sculpture of ‘head-sized’ mirrors that occupies the double
height reception void of the building and acts to alter a visitors’ perception of the space.

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0 thoughts on “Regus unveils the workspace of the future

  1. Beautiful Building and surroundings, that i can vouch for, a real work of modern art which in itself is a delight to work in. However, it is clear that Regus are not prepared to pay the money for their overworked, skeleton crew of staff, and until this serious issue is resolved, Berkeley Square will contuinue to be nothing other than pretty architechture. Having used Regus in the past and present, i am still doubtful on whether or not i will use them in the future.

    The problems that have plagued them over the years seem even more stark and obvious today, as they try and cut costs at the expense of the user.

  2. Regus clearly continues to adapt its product offering and service to todays economic and business climate. This new facility in Mayfair is perfect for todays modern business community and it comes at a low cost. I have a Regus Platinum card which provides me free access and private office time at any of its locations world wide. Reality is I only use a few but it’s far better and more impressive than the alternatives. Regus provides a valuable service and delivers it well – certainly everywhere I have been within their network. Somar use Regus in many ways and at many locations – they keep my cost low and give me a great business environment to conduct business from. I am a big supporter.