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Tenants to produce framework for local tenant panels

Effective local tenant panels are particularly important in the context of local self-regulation of services between tenants and landlords. Supporting tenant panels or other groups are part of the form part of the DCLG’s direction to the TSA for the new Involvement Regulatory Standard.
The NTO programme will particularly include consideration of existing models of tenant panel. Project organiser Nic Bliss said "we know that there are many different approaches to tenant panels out there, and we are not intending to be prescriptive about how they should be set up. We want to hear from tenants and landlords about tenant panel arrangements from which others could learn."

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  1. I must first explain for the sake of clarity “ha” that when I learnt to write at school everything was spelt out fully as writing had been developed over generations as a clear form of communication. Therefore would someone please explain to me precisely what – DCLG – CCH -TPAS – TAROE – NFTSO and TSA mean as I may then have a clearer view of what is trying to be communicated to me within the article. If the writer of the article also looks carefully it will be seen that the article also contains some bad grammer. To summarise, it appears to me and I am confident many others tha this article contains so many acronims that the communication is actually CRAP!

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