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BRC launches property management checklist

Helpful tips include:
– Asking for monthly rents when the lease comes up for renewal or at the rent review;
– Ensuring service charge bills are compliant with the Service Charge Code of Practice;
– Encouraging your landlord to meter energy-use separately for each shop.

The Property Checklist builds on the BRC’s successful Rent Monthly campaign which has established monthly rental terms as the norm on new leases. Copies of the Checklist will be sent out to 7,000 small businesses and it can also be downloaded from the BRC’s website:

Elizabeth Hinde, British Retail Consortium Head of Property, said: "Property bills can account for up to 40 per cent of retailers’ costs. But for many small retailers this figure could be even higher with property being their biggest expense.

"The Property Management Checklist arms retail tenants with easy to follow advice on how to engage effectively with landlords and managing agents to achieve value for money.

"In these tough times, it’s essential for retailers and their landlords to make savings where possible – otherwise the spectre of boarded-up shops will continue to blight our high streets."
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