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Pubs face soaring tax bills

The tax changes are part of a business rates revaluation to come into effect this April. Even more local community pubs will close as a result, harming community life and social fabric of the nation – and rural areas will be hit the hardest.

Caroline Spelman, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, said that Gordon Brown had been caught "red-handed".

"Not content with a council tax revaluation to tax people’s home improvements, patios and scenic views, he now wants to tax the nice local pub", she said.

"Community pubs play a vital rule in the fabric of society, yet pub sports, local football teams and beer gardens face being taxed. Even rural pubs that have diversified to survive and offer vital services like Post Offices, will get a kick in the teeth through higher tax bills – despite being previously encouraged to diversify by government agencies".

Spelman added that whilst community pubs are being "driven to the wall", a "blind eye" is turned to the binge-drinking clubs that have "wrecked our town centres and fuel violent crime".

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