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Business ratepayers urged to check valuations

It is essential to check that the property valuation is correct, as business rates bills are calculated based on these figures.

The VOA’s Mark Day says:

“It’s very simple. Ratepayers should check the details of the new valuation immediately and get in touch if there are any errors. If it’s wrong we want to put it right now. Businesses should look out for our clearly marked envelopes – they may be addressed to ‘the occupier’ but they’re important.”

This is the first year this information has been available to business owners online in this way and the website has been designed to make the process as quick and easy as possible. By logging on to www.voa.gov.uk/2010 ratepayers will be able to compare their details with other similar properties and, where necessary, contact VOA for assistance. The site offers lots of straightforward help and even short videos on key topics, designed to explain the valuation process.

Each valuation clearly shows the details of the business property, whether it is a shop, an office or a warehouse, including the number of rooms, their description and size, and the value applied to each area.

Roger Culcheth of the Federation of Small Business (FSB) adds:

“The VOA is giving ratepayers as much information as possible, well in advance. We all have to pay business rates and it is important for everyone to understand what this bill is based on and how the final figure is arrived at. That’s easy if you have the valuation details sent to you and the opportunity to check them now, before the rates are calculated.”

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