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Does Housing Minister love ANYBODY? – Major Landlord

But what I really DO NOT understand is how John Healey’s poisonous gaze now appears focused on ALL property owners. Why else would he have said, earlier this week, that repossession of 46,000 homes in the past year might be the best thing for their former owners?

Really, Mr. Healey? Please explain to me and to the 46,000 families in the UK how being thrown out on the street after years of struggling to pay a mortgage, then having their properties carelessly offloaded at fire-sale prices by lenders who care only about recovering their own equity, and finally finding themselves either with little or no proceeds from the sale OR, WORSE STILL, finding that they still owe their lender money, can possibly be the best thing for them?

Clearly, Mr. Healey has no time and no sympathy for anyone who has worked hard both to better themselves and to refrain from being a burden on society. That now appears to range from "fat cats" like myself (we’ll ignore the fact that I grew up in a rented slum, and that every penny I have made has been through my own toil, because that would be an uncomfortable truth for Mr. Healey to swallow) right through to the ordinary man in the street who just thought he was doing right by his family by struggling to buy a home for them.

Well done, Mr. Healey. If any of us was ever in any doubt about Labour’s true motives and agenda, we can now be totally sure: steal from the self-made, hardworking man, and give to the self-made, benefit-reliant sponger.

Perhaps those who voted for Labour last time might now care to reconsider whether it is really the party of aspiration, or simply the party of legalised theft?

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