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Those who can do. Those who can’t, legislate.

It doesn’t matter if the legislation has any real purpose other than closet tax-raising and job creation. It doesn’t even matter whether you do your job well or badly, as nobody will ever read your findings. You’ll get paid anyway. So will your employer.

And the goverment will earn through corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and NI contributions. So an EPC costing £60 plus VAT will earn the government up to £33 in tax revenues.

As I have said before, I get EPCs done for all my properties when I am advertising for new tenants. Nobody has ever asked to see one, and when I proffer them anyway, the reaction is always "What’s that?", usually followed by "What a waste of your money".

Last week, to add insult to injury, I commissioned an EPC through my landlord association’s own scheme, which is outsourced to a major supplier. The assessor turned up, took 20 minutes of my time, asked a couple of questions, and wrote a few notes. Later, when I downloaded the report, it said there was no thermostat on the heating (there is, and it’s in full view), and the ground floor was solid (it’s suspended timber, as anyone with half a braincell could have established simply by jumping up and down). The end result is my property has wrongly scored "Very poor" in 2 categories. If anyone asks to see this (thankfully, they probably won’t), it will put them off renting my property. And I paid for the privilege.

So far it has taken 4 days for the EPC company to do nothing about my immediate complaint.

I am thinking of going into EPC assessments. Or possibly government. Both look like easy money to me . . .

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  1. Hello Major Landlord

    Please, please contact me directly at steven.hilton@landlords.org.uk

    I will get your problem resolved today (Friday) if you contact me.

    I can only apologise where things have gone wrong with your Domestic Energy Assessor. I hope NLA EPCs will do better next time.