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Stamp duty: New rule quirk means ordinary people will pay more

When a higher rate of stamp duty was announced by the Chancellor last November, it was meant to cool the boom in buy-to-let.
Under the new rules, applying from April 1 this year, anyone buying a property who already owned another property would pay the usual rate of stamp duty – plus a three percentage point surcharge.
This means a buyer’s tax bill could increase by thousands of pounds.
For example, on a property worth £300,000, the charge would increase from £5,000 to £14,000.
George Osborne’s intention was to deter property investors and leave more property free for young families.
But the rules are having unexpected consequences for many. These are people who don’t put themselves in the same bracket as buy-to-let investors, but who nevertheless have discovered that they will have to pay the extra amount when they move, buy a family home or downsize.

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Over 850,000 Brits move overseas for a new life elsewhere

Over the past five years emigration1 from Britain is estimated to have reached 851,000, according to latest research from Lloyds Bank Private Banking. However this total figure represents a decline of 10% compared to the previous five years when emigration totalled 942,000 in the period 2004 -08.

In the period since 2009 levels of emigration have remained stable, averaging around 142,000 per year; compared to an annual average of 188,000 in the five years to 2008, peaking at 203,000 in 2006. Continue reading

Family at the fore when considering moving overseas

According to a Lloyds Bank International Private Banking survey nearly two fifths (38%) of Britons with children would consider a move abroad, with 45% of those citing their families as an incentive for the move.

When asked to select reasons for emigration, the research showed that bringing families closer together was high up the agenda (53%), only bested by improving the quality of life (67%) and exposing them to a different culture (59%).  Better schooling and easier access to healthcare were well down the list at 38% and 22%respectively. Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers

Thanks to you, Propertytalk Live! has enjoyed another hugely successful year and seen exceptional growth in the number of people visiting the site.

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Tax sting planned for foreign property investors

Hitting foreign property investors with new taxes will damage the UK’s status as a country that is “open for business” while doing little to curb rising house prices, the property industry said.

The British Property Federation (BPF) spoke out amid fears that George Osborne is considering levying Capital Gains Tax on foreign investors to tackle rising house prices in London and the South East. Continue reading

A mixed summer for holiday cottage owners

Everyone was under the illusion that all the holiday lettings agents and owners were in for a bumper summer.

Then came the rain and the very disappointing summer weather! Due to the terrible weather that England encountered, bookings seemed to come to a grinding holt and agencies and owners alike were forced into offering huge discounts and late deals in Summer Sales, this was seen throughout the board! The Summer sales and discounts seemed to entice and encourage guests to book which resulted in the trend of very last minute bookings.

The Autumn bookings for holiday cottages in general now seems to be Continue reading

Holiday homes: Pitfalls of going alone

"Personal circumstances may dictate one route or another as it is clearly impractical to arrange the lettings and management if you are far away. However, many owners in the current climate are now looking at letting their holiday cottage completely on their own to save money and avoid agents fees. From experience, I would suggest that they think long and hard before going down this route’

‘In 2005 I decided I was such a novice that the best thing would be to use an agent whilst at the same time I dabbled in online sites , putting up an ad myself to Continue reading

Is now the time to invest in a holiday home?

Firstly, it’s important to pick the location very carefully to ensure year round appeal.  So a picturesque seaside town or a cathedral city are sure winners.  Secondly, consider access to your property (train stations, ports, bus stops and parking spaces) as visitors usually reserve the hours travelling to a holiday cottage for their main holiday and will look a lot closer to home for a weekend break.  This is where properties within 2 hours of London are a savvy choice as you can reach anywhere between sunny Sussex and the trendy seaside town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk in a couple of Continue reading

A bumper year for holiday homes!

She says:

"We are really delighted with the statistics for the first quarter of 2012 which have exceeded our expectations.

"The South East remains buoyant as a holiday destination with visitors recognising the combination of beautiful countryside, fabulous beaches, lots of things to do and see and above all the easy access for those living in Greater London and northern Europe saving visitors time and money.

"This coupled with the Olympics and the Queens jubilee is all adding up to a bumper year.’ ‘Staycations’ and short breaks are much in demand and the most recent research suggests that this trend is set to continue."

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Olympic countdown for holiday bookings

Bookings for the Olympics started last year as soon as the tickets became available, a very early sign that we were going to be busy!”

“Traditionally, the really early bookings for cottages tend to be those prime seaside ones that the same family book year on year but last summer it was the properties around Ashford in Kent that performed the best.  Why?  Well they are only 30 minutes by train from the Olympic Village, considerably closer (and cheaper) than many parts of central London.  This early indicator has continued with a steady stream of bookings focusing on good public transport links” 

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