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First-time buyers face shortage of homes for sale

"The biggest problem we are now facing is a lack of homes. A lot of people went into the rental market after their homes failed to sell – but we are telling them that now is the time to switch back again."

Turner added that the frugal trend that swept the UK since the recession hit saw people saving, rather than spending.

"Those savings have now accumulated so much that people have deposits they wouldn’t have had otherwise – and they are ready to invest in property."

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0 thoughts on “First-time buyers face shortage of homes for sale

  1. tony altman says:

    the goverments HIP scam has put a lot of families off putting thier houses on the markeas it costs so much most buyers want their own survey and most HIPs will be out of date by the time they find a buyer able to proceed so a complete waste of money with the breathtaking arrogance which ist the hallmark of the goverment they will never admit they! could be wrong about anything ever so as usual it is ordinary families who are the victims of thier meddling incompetance

  2. Derek Jones says:

    I totally agree with Tony Altman. The whole HIPS fiasco was created by a meddling bunch of incompetents led by John Prescott. There was no market research or consultation with industry experts. It was HIPS that started the housing crash, long before the credit crunch or recession. In fact, it could be argued that HIPS CAUSED the recession in an economy which has long relied on the “feelgood factor” created by modest house price inflation.

    When will this government EVER stop interfering in free markets? Every time they do, they just cause havoc. The old system was flawed, but still far better than what we have now. I say scrap HIPs.

  3. tony altman says:

    spot on derek