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Worldwide increase in buyers of high-end homes

Charles Oliver MD Pat Creevy said: "We held our breath in January wondering if it was a post New Year blip, but interest continued to abound into February when I felt the time was right to launch a brand new, comprehensive website for those seeking the very best available in a wide range of exciting locations around the world."

The website also has a new feature; brand new UK homes with direct links to the developer.

"It suddenly struck me that there are numerous developments springing up and often our buyers choose to move abroad but keep a home in the UK, preferably brand new where there are no maintenance difficulties. By including these on my site we are providing buyers with one-stop shopping," Creevy said.

She has travelled widely carefully selecting re sale and new properties of a calibre suitable to her clientele and includes a wide range of homes and investments on her website including the Caribbean, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Portugal.

In recent years, due to growing interest, Charles Oliver has added Morocco, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Brazil and Vietnam.

Creevy said: "I am also including more data on each location on the site to provide an all-encompassing information web to help buyers know if a certain country is suitable for their personal needs.

"Some may say that the market is not yet stable, but from my perspective we have now had four months of continued growth in terms of new applicants and sales.

"They may be only ‘green shoots’ compared to this time last year but I am absolutely positive that by the end of 2009 property prices will be on the rise and the Government’s ‘green shoots’ will be flourishing into trees as we head for 2010."

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