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Most children want dream house by age 35

The research also shows that kids in Yorkshire are the most hopeful with 38% of primary children in the area hoping to own their dream home by the age of 25 and a staggering 83% by the age of 35.

The research also revealed that kids are still staying true to childhood stereotypes. Boys are hoping for a dream house with secret passageways (41%), a cinema (37%), a bowling alley (33%) and a football pitch (23%). Girls, on the other hand, would prefer their dream home to have stables (32%), a cottage (22%) and a farm (15%).

Steve Reid, Retail Director for Clydesdale Bank, said: "As any parent knows, children can be very ambitious and it’s always refreshing to hear about their hopes and dreams, however optimistic they may be.

"With 59% of kids hoping for a swimming pool and 25% wanting their own private theme park within the grounds, it is unsurprising that over a third of children (41%) think that their dream home will set them back in excess of £500,000."

To achieve their dream home by the age of 35, kids will definitely need to start saving early, particularly in light of what they believe their first wage will be.

The Banks’ research has revealed that 71% of children believe they will earn up to £100 a week in their first job after school. However, 22% of those think they will only earn up to £10 a week which could take them well over 100 years to even save the deposit for a dream home costing £500,000.

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