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Growth of the property grazer

Sheraz Dar, Marketing Director for Digital Property Group comments: “The comScore figures are punctuated by the emergence of two types of home searcher; the grazer and the active hunter. ‘Time on site’ is a good gauge of the visitors’ intent and the most-visited portals fall into one of these two categories – hunting or grazing.”

The comScore data below underlines that Digital Property Group and Rightmove visitors spend longer on the sites which suggest a greater interaction with properties and estate agent brands.

Dar continues: “The home searcher journey is cyclical with periods of relative inactivity; their search may be driven by reviewing the value of their property or new instructions within their area rather than intent to buy or rent a property. Some portals serve the former market extremely well but that doesn’t deliver enquiries and instructions for estate and letting agents.”

The fastest growing portal in June was DPG’s Globrix.com which saw a 7% rise in monthly unique visitors (uv’s) – translated to 67,000 absolute uv’s – followed by PrimeLocation.com (1%) and Rightmove (1%). Zoopla.co.uk saw a -4.3% drop for the same criteria . The good news for DPG portals continued into July as FindaProperty.com recorded its highest ever daily visitor figures of over 300,000 .

Dar concludes: “FindaProperty.com was the fastest growing property portal in May, Globrix.com in June – underlining the strength of DPG’s portfolio of brands. July has already been a record-breaking month for FindaProperty.com as we recorded more daily visitors than ever before.”

“The visitor and time on site figures are only part of the jigsaw. I’d fully encourage our advertisers to closely monitor the results they receive from portals. Otherwise, how do you know whether a portal fits into the browser or the active hunter category?”

ComScore reported little change in the order of the property portal category, with Rightmove (6.6m) followed by Digital Property Group (4.5m), themselves 1.3m unique visitors ahead of Zoopla Network (3.2m) – a status quo that’s lasted over four years .

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