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Investment confidence reaches eight-month high

With the recent bursting of the silver bubble, during which its value fell by a third, and substantial declines in many other commodities including copper, nickel and tin, investors are looking for a steadier and safer place in which to put their money. Four out of five people surveyed believe this to be property.

In second place with a respectable 14% of the vote was gold, an investment that is currently resisting the fate of other commodities with sales of gold coins on track for their best month in a year. Shares and currency each received 3% of the vote while savings unsurprisingly received nothing as interest rates remain historically low.

Looking at other aspects of the survey 73% are expecting an increase in interest rates at some point during the next 12 months. However, with lenders continuing to reduce rates on many fixed mortgage products, renewed confidence has led 91% to be of the opinion that this will be by no more than 1% and subsequently led 83% of respondents to believe that right now is currently a good time to buy a property in the UK, while 63% believe the same of overseas property.

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