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Astute investors snap up distressed property assets

Many commentators seem to be advising not to touch property right now but others see the situation differently.

Dominic Farrell, founder of Distressed Assets, believes now is the best time to invest in UK property.

"The best time to buy anything is when demand is weak and finance is difficult to obtain," he said.

"Add in negative overall sentiment and you have a recipe for success. Investors can secure excellent value in today’s market and will reap the benefits over the medium to long-term. However, as with any business, there are a lot of potential pitfalls and research, relationship building and comprehensive due diligence are the fundamental requirements for a sound investment."

David Ogden from Manchester, a client of Distressed Assets, testifies to the potential for investment success in the present market.

He said: "Within three weeks of joining they had secured me a great property which will generate a significant return on my investment, is cash positive and has great potential for capital growth. They secured it for 60% below its previous selling price. I have found the Distressed Assets team to be unbelievably focused and passionate about what they are doing and have absolute confidence and trust in them."

Farrell said that the property market would pick up again over time.

"With stock markets at 12 year lows, interest rates on cash almost negative in real terms and the bond market showing signs of a bubble, property purchased at significant prices below current value with strong cash flow is a solid investment over the medium to long-term."

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