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Moving at Christmas? It pays to be organised if Santa Claus is coming to town!

Book well in advance

Reallymoving.com allows you to book your removals months in advance – vital if you are moving at Christmas. Like many businesses, removals firms may well have a reduced staff over the holiday season, meaning that they can be booked up early. Book well in advance before slots are filled up.

If the weather outside is frightful…
A white Christmas is always great… except if you are moving house at the time. Check the weather forecasts and plan ahead by keeping warm clothes to hand, salting the paths and taking extra care of pets and plants. If the weather is really bad, keep a shovel handy to clear away any snow.

Contact your utilities providers

Christmas is all about fairy lights on the tree, turkey roasting in the oven, a warm fire and being in touch with friends and family. Except that, if you fail to contact your utilities providers in time, you might not be connected to the gas, electricity and telephone networks in time. Also, be sure to have paid your TV licence – you wouldn’t want to miss the Queen’s Speech!

Send out your new address in good time

Everyone loves getting Christmas cards, with many being sent out right at the start of December. Make sure all your family and friends have your new address well in advance, leave a set of sticky address labels for the new residents to use or set up a postal redirection, so that you still get your cards!

Pack a Christmas box

When packing your belongings, you should always label each box. At Christmas, take care to pack and label a separate Christmas box, with children’s Christmas stockings, decorations and your best china for Christmas Lunch.

Get there early
Dark closes in early in winter so try to arrive at your new house early before the light fades. It may be worth keeping a good torch to hand just in case. Also, the earlier you arrive, the less chance there is of the roads and paths being icy and the sooner you can get the heating on.

Food glorious food
With all the things that need to be done on moving day, it is easy to forget that you will need to eat in the evening. But whereas many shops are open late throughout the rest of the year, they may shorten their opening hours over Christmas. It is easy to be caught out, so make sure you plan ahead or ask your estate agent to recommend a good takeaway.

Raising the curtains

You should hang curtains in your new home as soon as you can: not only do they keep the heat in, but they also keep prying eyes out. Wherever you live, the sight of a removal van and cardboard boxes outside your new home will attract attention, especially in winter when lights are left on and it is easy to see in to your home, meaning curtains are a simple but effective security aid.

Get children into the Christmas spirit
All children love Christmas, but they can take time to settle into a new home. Really try to get them into the Christmas spirit – putting up decorations, baking Christmas cookies and going to buy the tree. Being engaged with the all the familiar preparations for Christmas will distract their attention from being in unfamiliar new surroundings. Most importantly, make sure that they include the new address on their letter to Father Christmas – otherwise he might pop down the wrong chimney!

Check your new fire place

Make sure that the chimney has been properly swept. The information might be in your surveyor’s report, but if in doubt, get it checked first. You need to have a properly maintained chimney both to light a fire, and so Santa Claus can get through!!

Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments:

“The key to a stress free move is planning ahead, particularly at Christmas. A few simple precautions will make a big difference, and should ensure that you have yourselves a merry little Christmas for your first Noel in your new home.”

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