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Check the area and avoid neighbours from hell

MacAlroy spotted a gap in the market after reading statistics showing that neighbours from hell have led to more than 360,000 Brits moving home in the last year.

According to Halifax Home Insurance, a bad neighbourhood can knock up to £30,000 off the value of your property, but four out of five sellers with nuisance neighbours don’t inform estate agents of the problem, despite it being a legal requirement.

“You wouldn’t dream of buying a house without checking the structure and getting a home report, so shouldn’t you also have a neighbourhood report?” says MacAlroy. “Where you live is just as important as the house you live in.”

This innovative business offers three types of report: the basic is aimed at long distance prospective buyers just interested in an area or looking for more information than Estate Agents can provide.

The second costs £200 and is delivered within 14 days, with a fast-track option costing £240 and delivered within seven days.

The third and most controversial option would see a former policeman stay overnight in the property for sale to ensure the most comprehensive report.

MacAlroy and his business partner Paul Conibere, a property developer, are currently recruiting 80 former police officers to train as investigators.

The duo intend to turnover a million pounds in their first year, and are already in discussions with a franchising company about rolling the concept out across the UK and Europe.

MacAlroy says that while his business can’t solve the problem for residents that currently live in bad areas, he hopes to help those that are moving with a safety net and peace of mind that their new neighbourhood is trouble-free.

“This service will protect peoples’ investments, and their health. It will change the way people buy or rent homes forever.”

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