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River Thames flats most resilient in Central London

There are a number of factors that make riverfront properties desirable, including the proximity to the Capital’s landmarks and tourist attractions and the benefits of regeneration taking place close to the Thames which continues to add appeal.

James Hyman, Partner for Residential Sales at Cluttons, said: "Waterfront living has become increasingly popular over the past five years with the migration of people back to London from the suburbs looking for this type of property. Some of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing developments in recent years have been built on the river.

"Limited supply has proved to be the key value driver in Central London over the past 12 months. There are few opportunities for further developments to be built along the Thames and the fact that a riverfront view cannot be easily matched within the Central London area has helped to protect values amongst these property types.

"Both landlords and owner-occupiers of these properties will continue to demand good returns on investment through rental yields, in addition to reaping the rewards when they come to sell."

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