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Brighton provides the best odds for finding love

Brighton has been revealed as the place in England with the best odds of finding a soul mate this Valentine’s Day, according to research by property website Zoopla.co.uk.

Zoopla.co.uk examined data from across the country to find the areas with the highest proportion of single adults and the largest number of property enquiries for studios and one-bedroom flats, typically sought after by singletons.

Brighton, where the average asking price for a studio/one-bed flat is currently £168,616, topped the list of places with the best combination of the single adults searching for singleton pads. Manchester came a close second in the ‘single adult seeking property’ stakes, with an average asking price of £101,348.

At the other end of the spectrum, the combination of a very low proportion of single adults and lower  interest in studio and one-bedroom flats makes Woking and Luton potentially a disappointing target for those on the lookout for ‘the one’ this Valentine’s.

Within London, Croydon has the best Valentine’s combination whilst Isleworth is best avoided if you are looking for the best chance of finding romance.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla commented: “Those without a date lined up this Valentine’s Day might want to consider a change of scene to boost their chances of finding love. There are towns across the country that have notably higher rates of single adults than others as well as much higher demand for the types of property associated with single adults. There’s no harm in trying to stack the odds in your favour by making sure that you are looking in the right places.”

There are several streets across Britain where romance is always in the air. Streets with Love or Kissing in the name are amongst the most valuable “Valentine” streets in the country, with average property values of £305,338 and £287,015 respectively, above the UK wide average property value of £214,003. Meanwhile, loved-up house-hunters looking for a bargain can find properties with an average value of £169,413 on a street with Passion in the name.

Rank/ In Street Name/ # of Streets/ Avg.Property Value
1/ Love /331/ £305,338
2/ Kissing/ 4/ £287,015
3/ Secret /2/ £285,893
4/ Flower /67/ £278,809
5/ Cupid /2/ £267,848
6/ Rose /2,266/ £221,062
7/ Valentine /59/ £220,305
8/ Heart /23/ £209,971
9/ Passion /1/ £169,413
Source: Zoopla.co.uk (February 2014)
Rank/ Location/ % of Single Adults/  Avg. Asking Price
1/ BRIGHTON /64.72%/ £168,616
2/ MANCHESTER /67.05%/ £101,348
3/ BRISTOL /60.95%/ £125,217
4/ BIRMINGHAM /55.62%/ £94,236
5/ CROYDON /53.34%/ £151,852
Source: Zoopla.co.uk (February 2014), ONS
Rank Location % of Single Adults Avg. Asking Price
1 WOKING 43.8% £157,300
2 LUTON 50.2% £86,001
3 MAIDENHEAD 45.0% £139,373
4 ISLEWORTH 51.0% £193,732
5 EDGWARE 50.2% £187,008
Source: Zoopla.co.uk (February 2014), ONS

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