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Get back time spent on moving home

Moveme.com said home movers could save approximately 59 hours of their time arranging a house move if they used its "Moving Checklist" which includes a dynamic itinerary of all that’s required for a house move, as well as handy price comparisons for some of the essential supplier services required.

The Checklist includes more than 50 tasks – everything from finding a removal company and redirecting mail, to finding local restaurants – all in one place. These tasks are unique to the user and are prioritised and tailored to the relevant stage of their home move. Each task is separated into achievable weekly goals with timely reminders of what to do and when, according to the users requirements, allowing anyone moving home to manage their move efficiently and effectively. There is also a Moving Checklist app which can help the user to manage their home move whilst on the move.

Ian Lancaster, Managing Director of moveme.com, said: "Moving house is incredibly stressful, and several hours are wasted researching quotes and information in relation to the move. We created moveme.com and the Moving Checklist as a ‘one stop shop’ for anyone moving home, saving time, money, and hopefully, stress."

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