78% of buy-to-let investors worst fear is interest rate hikes

Commenting on the results, Chairman Brett Alegre-Wood said:

"The results are not surprising, people fear not being able to pay the mortgage more than they ever do prices dropping, most buy-to-let investors are in for the long-term so they realise that the long-term prospects for property are still great.

"My comments about these fears are that it doesnt matter what happens, double dip, falling house prices or massive government spending cuts. The fact is that interest rates will be going up sooner or later so rather than being a deer staring into the headlights you should just plan for it now and begin building your provision account up.

"Assuming that rates are all at 6% will show you either that you are well and truly secure if you are still able to cash flow your portfolio at this level, or that you need to definitely be building your provisions up while rates are low so you can handles the interest rate rises in the future."

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