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Buy-to-let landlords warned to protect against tenant troubles

With tenant demand for residential property continuing to rise1, the proportion of landlords planning to buy new properties increasing2 and lenders slowly reintroducing good value buy-to-let mortgages3, the number of people becoming landlords for the first time appears to be on the rise.  Whether you are moving into buy-to-let for investment, or have decided to go down this route to move home, getting the contract and paperwork right is essential and having adequate insurance in place is a must.

Last year, one in three landlords had tenants in arrears,4 so Brits shouldn’t skimp on their insurance. However it doesn’t have to break the bank, with standard landlord insurance available from as little as £93* a year from simple insurance, which covers loss of rent.5 For £134 a year, acumus will provide landlords with cover for legal expenses should they arise from incidents such as repossession, tenant default, and debt recovery.6

Spokesperson Julie Owens said: "Whether you’re looking at buy-to-let property for investment, extra income, or because you cannot sell your house, it is essential to have sufficient insurance to cover any financial losses connected with letting out a property. I advise anyone contemplating becoming a landlord to seek advice and get all of the relevant information before taking this venture on."

"Landlord insurance which includes Rent Guarantee cover or legal expenses can be more expensive, however if things go wrong between a landlord and tenant legal proceedings can involve a hefty cost. It is important to have a good contract in place to know where each party stands should the tenant and landlord relationship fall sour.

"I advise insuring yourself against these circumstances before they arise, it is always better to be prepared and there are a number of suitable insurance policies for landlords on the market. The varying levels of cover available means it’s essential to do your research and pick the policy that is the best fit for your circumstances, policy wording can differ so it is vital to check the small print to determine exactly what is covered."

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