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Buy-to-let sector becoming over-regulated – Landlord Assist

These include the possible creation of a national register for those letting property.

But Graham Kinnear, Managing Director of Landlord Assist, said landlords were already faced with reams of legislation and significant costs, and he questioned whether any further regulation was required in the sector.

"In recent years landlords have had to conform with energy performance certificates, deposit administration and the new legislation of the 2004 Housing Act," he said. "In addition, changes in fire regulations as well legislation relating to Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHRS) has meant that landlords’ costs have increased significantly."

Stephen Parry, Commercial Director of Landlord Assist, said: "Without doubt there is sufficient legislation in place to police the private rented sector and to ensure that the quality of landlords and their properties is of an adequate standard.

"Due to the restricted supply of properties, the private rented sector is an important part of the economy and we cannot believe that the Government do not appear to be supportive of private landlords.

"Every day we deal with landlord and tenant issues and it is clear that there are as many unscrupulous tenants as there are landlords and yet the continuous barrage of legislation seems only to penalise the landlord."

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