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Eurolink, Edward Mellor and Veco-oneauctions™

  • Agents can allocate auction dates and venues and list properties to be sold – this can help with production of auction brochures;
  • Applicant and bidder data can be registered, along with relevant solicitors’ details in addition to financial information;
  • Auction results screen for recording the outcome and payment of each lot and to produce memorandum of sale;
  • After auction closes, Veco-oneacutions™ can process winning bids and produce all relevant statistics and reports;
  • Database of auction bidder contacts with history of auctions attended;
  • Database of auction properties, including marketing details, with history of auctions entered;
  • Flexible assignment of lot numbers including multiple lots under one lot number;
  • Quick Auction attendee entry and paddle number assignment allowing database search for contact and solicitor details.

Eurolink founding director Nigel Poole said: “No other system can do all this as far as we are aware. Veco-oneacutions™ offers property agents total control over the auction side of their business and this can save them from many hours of additional work – which of course also means substantial financial savings. Veco-oneacutions™ is a highly-efficient and effective system which is in increasing demand from agents who see the auctions sector as a viable market to exploit in the current economic climate.”

One of the first agencies to use Veco-oneacutions™ is South-Manchester based property group Edward Mellor. The Edward Mellor group has a long-standing relationship with Eurolink and its Managing Director Colin Mellor was instrumental in helping Eurolink shape the Veco-oneacutions™ system to exacting requirements based on his extensive experience in property auctions.

The initial Veco-oneacutions™ concept came from consultations Eurolink had with Colin Mellor after Eurolink started to develop its highly-successful all-embracing property agency CRM – the Veco -onesystem™. “At the time we designed the initial Veco-onesystem™ concept we had not included auctions – but an auction element was high on Colin Mellor’s list of priorities,” said Eurolink’s Nigel Poole. “So we spent lot of time with auction people understanding in some considerable detail how the auctions business worked and applying those applications to the software alongside all the other work we were doing. We listened to what they wanted and developed Veco-oneacutions™ around those requirements to deliver a product that truly meets the needs of our clients.”

Colin Mellor said: “Eurolink is one of those rare companies which really listens to its clients and fully understands their needs. The Edward Mellor group has worked closely with them for a number of years for this reason and we are delighted to have been involved with the development of Veco-oneacutions™. We are convinced Veco-oneacutions™ will help us make the most of this growing market by giving us immediate, accessible and understandable auctions data. To have such a comprehensive range of information to hand at all times will enable us to develop our strategic planning and grow the auctions side of our business even more.”

The Edward Mellor group takes delivery of Veco-oneacutions™ later this month – midway through its introduction of two other Eurolink products – Veco-lettingsandmanagement™ and Veco-residentialsales™. Eurolink is currently migrating Edward Mellor’s existing Eurolink Management system to Veco-residentialsales™. This will be followed by Veco-oneacutions™ in late July, with the installation of Veco-lettingsandmanagement™ completed by the end of August.

Colin Mellor said: “The property market may be fragile but the commercial opportunities arising from Eurolink’s Veco™ range mean agents can look to the future with more optimism than they might do otherwise.”

About Veco™

The Veco™ range of property sales and lettings solutions was launched by Eurolink at PCS Expo in October 2007. Veco-lettingsandmanagement™ is a direct replacement for Eurolink Management, its leading lettings and management product and is available for users with purely lettings requirements. Veco-estatemanagement™ is a powerful and flexible software program designed specifically for a property company involved in the management of residential blocks of flats (or office blocks) on behalf of a freeholder. Veco-residentialsales™ and Veco-oneacutions™ provide highly-effective residential sales and auctions solutions. Eurolink’s flagship product is the Veco-onesystem™ which covers residential sales, letting, estate management and auctions in one single complete solution. The Veco-onesystem™ is the first and only CRM package to collate details of all an agency’s clients and contacts into a single database record, irrespective of whether they are buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants. Veco™ contracts start from £1595 for a master licence, with a recommended retail price of £695 per concurrent user licence.

About Edward Mellor
Edward Mellor

Edward Mellor was founded in 1985 in Stockport and has since become one of the largest estate agencies in South Manchester with 16 branches. Its website www.edwardmellor.co.uk registers more than 100 properties a week in the Stockport, Manchester and Tameside areas. In addition to traditional sales and letting the company specialises in auctions.

About Eurolink
Eurolink Technology

Eurolink is a leading software solutions provider for residential property sales and lettings agents. Eurolink Technology Ltd was founded in 1990 by Nigel Poole and Paul Chappell who remain a key element of the business. Eurolink has thousands of users with clients across the UK. Clients range in size from single office firms to multi-disciplined, multi-office organisations operating complex wide and local area networks. Client firms include some of the most respected names in the property business and comprise among others Sequence (UK) Ltd, The Romans Group, Spicerhaart Ltd and Edward Mellor. In addition to property management software solutions, Eurolink offers a range of IT services including the supply and installation of computer systems and networks, facilities management, remote, network and hardware maintenance, email and website maintenance.

For more information on Eurolink and Veco™ visit the company’s website www.eurolinksoftware.co.uk or phone Eurolink on 0870 243 2220 For sales enquiries email: sales@eurolinksoftware.co.uk

Eurolink Technology Limited Registered office: The Manor Farm, 124 Manor Road North, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0BH Eurolink Technology Limited is registered in England number 2513701.

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