Over 850,000 Brits move overseas for a new life elsewhere

Over the past five years emigration1 from Britain is estimated to have reached 851,000, according to latest research from Lloyds Bank Private Banking. However this total figure represents a decline of 10% compared to the previous five years when emigration totalled 942,000 in the period 2004 -08.

In the period since 2009 levels of emigration have remained stable, averaging around 142,000 per year; compared to an annual average of 188,000 in the five years to 2008, peaking at 203,000 in 2006. Continue reading

Proximity to a Boris Bike helps attract home buyers

The continued expansion of London’s cycle hire scheme will benefit home sellers living near bike docking stations – and attract potential buyers to living in previously less well-connected areas – according to estate agent Marsh & Parsons.

Santander is to assume sponsorship of the ‘Boris Bike’ programme from April and is committed to further growing and developing the scheme, which already offers Londoners the use of 11,500 bikes across more than 700 docking stations. Transport for London has identified a further 1,000 potential docking stations, to materialise by early 2016. Continue reading

Low maintenance, big benefits

Low maintenance equals high value for both landlords and tenants alike and one of the best ways to ensure maintenance costs are kept to a minimum is to buy correctly at the very beginning of your investment journey.

“Buying a low maintenance property means that deterioration will be kept to a minimum and repairs are likely to be minor,” says owner of Belvoir Boston Donna Burrell. Continue reading

Better bin buying would save £70 million every year

Councils can make sensible savings by joining forces to buy refuse trucks and wheelie bins, according to a recent report.

Ministers are clear town halls no longer have the luxury of procuring waste management equipment in isolation and therefore must work together to deliver a better deal for local taxpayers. The report has found £70 million could be saved by town halls every year simply through better procurement and more standardised processes. Continue reading

Higher taxes and election uncertainty slow prime London

Prices in the prime housing markets of London fell marginally in the first quarter of 2015, according to the latest research from Savills.

This follows  an average 2.6 per cent price adjustment in the final quarter of 2014, triggered by the stamp duty reform announced in December’s Autumn Statement, and means that the 12-month rolling prime London average has slipped into negative territory. Continue reading

‘Mansion Milliband’ tops political property stakes

According to the latest research by property website Zoopla, Labour leader Ed Miliband is the only main UK political party leader who owns and lives in a ‘mansion’, according to his party’s definition, based on the proposed Mansion Tax for properties valued at over £2m.

Miliband’s North London home is now worth £2.73m, more than three times the average in the area, according to Zoopla. Continue reading

Slowest rent rises for two years

Scottish rents are rising at their slowest pace for over two years, according to the latest Scotland Buy-to-Let Index from Your Move, one of Scotland’s largest lettings agent networks.

The average monthly rent in Scotland has risen just 1.1% in the year to February 2015 – representing the smallest annual increase experienced since April 2013.  Continue reading

Homes earn more than homeowners in a fifth of the UK

Over the past two years average house prices have increased by more than the average employee’s net earnings1 in almost one in five – 73 out of 384 – local authority districts (LADs) across the UK, according to the latest Halifax research.

The vast majority of these areas are in London, the South East, and East, representing 68 of the 73. The largest difference was in Hammersmith and Fulham, where house prices increased by an average of £199,930 over the last two years, exceeding average take-home earnings in the area by £143,232. Eight London boroughs appeared in the top ten. Continue reading